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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 21, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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away. ♪ >> the wizard of oz didn't help at the end there. thanks for inviting us you into your home tonight. make it a great weekend. 46 days to election day. that is it for this special report. fair. balanced. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is "the fox report." tonight an air scare for the wife of the republican presidential nominee mitt romney. plus, u.s. television ads aimed at welling all of that anger in -- quelling all of that anger in pakistan. how is that going? >> they were supposed to be peaceful protests over an antimuslim video. but tonight, the outrage turns deadly. in a country the united states calls an ally.
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and touchdown. the space shuttle "endeavour" comes in for a final landing. but first from fox this friday night, almost 11 years into the war in afghanistan, we need a new goal. that today from the -- from a former secretary of defense. in fact, this is a growing number of bipartisan calls to either change the strategy or abandon afghanistan entirely. the concern? the conflict is not worth the cost. members now calling for a new approach. here is the problem. the current goal in afghanistan is to train the afghan forces to take over security there so our people can come home. but nato just suspended most joint patrols so training them? well, how could you? the move in response to the growing number of deadly insider attacks in afghanistan. so called green on blue
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attacks. afghans on our troops. that sort of thing has killed at least 51 coalition troops this year. today on studio b the former secretary of defense william cohen who ran the pentagon under the democratic president bill clinton and was a republican member of both the house and the senate said the united states cannot get afghanistan to transition to democracy any time soon. at least not on our own. >> we can't carry out the transition of the afghan people into a democracy. it it going to take years, decades and unless is we have an international commit ned lamont do that the united states can't do it alone and shouldn't be doing it alone so we need to have a much greater participation by other countries in addition to the united states. >> shepard: now, a republican congressman who voted against a resolution to set a time table for a full withdrawal has an entirely new position. florida congressman bill young is the chairman of the house subcommittee that oversees defense spending and told the
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tampa bay times newspaper editorial board i think we he should remove ourselves from afghanistan as quickly as we can. congressman young added i just think we are killing kids that don't need to die. meantime, the current defense secretary officially announced today the additional surge troops that president obama sent to afghanistan have left the country. 100,000 nato troops still there including 68,000 young americans. and a deadly day in neighboring pakistan. massive government-back antiamerican protests today. government backed threat ton further strain whatever ties are left between the u.s. and pakistan. the pakistani government declared a national holiday and encouraged peaceful demonstrations against the low budget antiamerican i should say antiislam video that mocked
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the prophet muhammad but this is not what peace looks like. in caucuse karachi armed protes fired on police, killed one and hurt another. police responded firing tear gas and live ammunition into a crowd of some 15,000. more than a dozen people reported dead in the chaos. the pakistani prime minister today called the international community to pass laws to prehe vent people from insulting the prophet muhammad. pass laws. and the foreign minister filed a formal complaint with an american diplomat. protesters in half a dozen countries rallied a country today. in iraq, thousands gathered in basra. some held signs that read death to america. in iran the iranian president accused the west of trying to spark religious conflict. he did that at a mill tare arery parade. in lebanon, thousands of supporters of hezbollah demonstrated against the
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antiislam video. of course, we have no way of knowing whether that video is the real motivation for many of the protests or whether the governments and others are using that video as an excuse to rally ainst the united states. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt with us tonight. not exactly a helpful move from an ally announcing a national holiday. >> reporter: especially when you call it in the wake of the antiislamic video love for your prophet day. it would appear on many levels to give a green light to demonstrators to be on the streets if not a green light for the violence that ensued. one imagines that this issue may have been raised between secretary of state hillary clinton and the pakistani foreign minister at a meeting at the state department today although publicly secretary clinton would only repeat her oft uttered line condemning both the video itself and the violence. listen. >> we found the video that set the core of this series of see
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vents offensive, disgusting, reprehensible. but that does not provide justification for violence. >> reporter: secretary clinton also took the opportunity today at that meeting to thank pakistani officials for protecting the u.s. embassy and our consultates across pakistan. >> shepard: what did pakistani officials say about this video and all of the violence? >> the foreign minister at that meeting and in the comments afterwards offered no apology for the demonstrations and no condemnation as such of the protesters. instead an expression of gratitude for president obama and secretary clinton condemning the antiislamic video as they did in the ad running throughout pakistan and on the facebook page of the u.s. embassy in pakistan. here is the foreign minister. >> your condemnation has given a strong message that the
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united states government not only condemns it but has no support to such blasphemous videos anywhere. that message will go a long way in ending the violence on many streets in the world. >> reporter: it is worth pointing out that the violence on many streets in many parts of the muslim world seemed to tamp down a little over the last week. any pictures are flag burning are deeply disturbing. on this friday day of prayer and protest the numbers in most parts of the muslim world were much smaller than they have been. we have heard from the spokesman for the national security council that president obama next week at the united nations general assembly is going to directly address the antiislamic video and violence that encued across so much of the muslim world. >> shepard: we have been reporting a lot frankly on the antiamerican protests happening clearly across the region. today look that the. a large crowd of libyans
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demonstrated in support of the united states and our fallen ambassador. we are also hearing a lot of proamerican liv libyans targetg the militants there. we will get a live report on that coming up in minutes. first, governor mitt romney now released his 2011 tax return. the second and final return he has been promising to make public. the campaign reports the romneys made or took in more than $13 million last year, mostly from investments. paid a tax rate of 14% and donated more than $4 million to charity. here is a look at how that come pears to president obama's taxes. the white house says he and the first lady made almost $800,000, paid a rate of 20.5% and gave 22% of their income to charity. the romney's percentage 30% to charity. but the trustee who handles the romneys investments tell us they only claimed a deduction for half of their donations so that they could keep their tax rate above 13%.
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here is the quote. the romneys thus limited their deduction to conform to the governor statement in august based upon the january estimate of income that he paid at least 13% income tax federally in each of the last ten years. well, democrats have been demanding he prove that by releasing more returns. tonight the trustee tells us that from 1990 to the year 2009 the romneys average annual rate of federal taxation was 20%. and the lowest rate he ever paid according to the trustee 13.66%. tonight the obama campaign responds saying why does mitt romney just -- why doesn't he just release the full returns instead of the bare summary he provided for the last 20 years so voters can make their own judgments about mitt romney's finances. campaign carl cameron streaming live from las vegas this afternoon. carl? >> we are live here on the
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tarmac of mclaren airport in las vegas where governor romney has gotten on his plane believe in america having wrapped up a speech today and continued his attack on president obama for having suggested that the president can't change, washington, from inside. both candidates traded blows on what was a very heck take day heading into the weekend. mr. romney trying to stay on offense and keep the president on defense for what mr. romney says amounts to his having admitd that he just can't do the job. watch this exchange. >> he said you can't change, washington, from the inside you have to do it from the outside. we are going to give him that chance, he is going outside. >> last time around his campaign slogan was, yes, he can. it is changing now to no, he can't. >> he stood up at a rally and proudly declared i will get the job done from the inside. what kind of inside job is he talking about?
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>> reporter: and from here, governor romney goes to san francisco tonight. fundraisers and campaign events across the weekend and end up in colorado sunday night. mr. romney also today released in addition to his tax returns, health records. his doctor as well as paul ryan's doctor said the two men are in excellent health fully prepared not only for the campaign but also for the white house. >> shepard: karl ram rocarl ca, luggage on shoulder and off to the next stop. scary moments onboard for governor romney's wife ann. a charter jet made an emergency landing after the cabinet filled with smoke with his wife ann on there. the campaign press secretary tweeted this picture of firefighters rushing that plane. a spokeswoman says it appear there's was an electrical fire and that the smoke was bad enough to burn passengers' eyes. as for mrs. romney she says she and the other nine people onboard are okay.
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the candidate and his wife spoke after the incident as carl reported, governor romney is headed to california for a weekend of fundraisers. >> shepard: new details about the assassination of the united ambassador to libya andd to killing of three other americans. sources now saying 100 militants attack the consultate and we are learning more about the warnings before the attack. we will get to all of that. a warning about a former gitmo detainee and al-qaeda in libya. that's next on this friday "fox reports." [ owner ] i need to expand
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>> shepard: as i mentioned before the commercial break, fox news has learned 100 militants attacked the united states consultate in benghazi on 9/11, killing the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans. sources telling fox news it was a coordinated assault and the attackers apparently had inside information about our compound.
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catherine herridge is live in d.c. tonight. if you could give us context. is 100 militants a lot for this sort of thing? >> well, shep, u.s. official telling fox wednesday you get past 50 with an attack that comes suddenly and without warning it creates confusion and disorientation as to the scale of the actual assault and as fox was first to report on your show the evidence shows a commando style coordinated attack in two ways with rpgs, direct and indirect fire from mortars and tonight an intelligence source on the ground tells fox that the evidence points to a joint operation between the al-qaeda affiliate in north africa and snsar ail sheridaia. they have tried and failed to establish an islamic state in eastern libya. a recent defense department report warning al-qaeda senior leadership is seeking to create an
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al-qaeda clandestine network in libya. >> how many attacks do you have to have on the consultate and ambassador and british ambassador before you realize this is a dangerous area? >> there was also a cia assessment that eastern libya was unraveling and that assessment was is before the attack, shep. >> shepard: have you learned what security was like for the ambassador at the time of the attack? >> there were five it dsos, diplomatic security officers on assignment with the a.m. bass dorland. u.s. officials are not commenting on the arrangement on the ground. what we reported last week is at the ambassador was at his most vulnerable at the consultate which is not a hardened site. also evidence the attackers had the insider help, specifically finding the safe house
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welcomely after the first wave of assaults. attack on one of the most vulnerable sites for the united states and where we seem to have two groups, al-qaeda and another group teaming up to make it happen, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight. thank you. a top lawmaker is calling for the u.s. military to take over security of u.s. nuclear weapon sites. move after antiwar activists successfully broke into a nuclear facility in july. is site that was supposed to be one of the most secure in all of the country. the chairman of the house armed services committee congressman mike turner drafted legislation to put the pentagon in charge of security at the sites. a job the energy department handles now. during the july incident three activists successfully yolk into the nuclear weapons complex in tennessee and one of them was an 82-year-old nun. and investigation faulted
4:19 pm
guards and found a surveillance camera had reportedly been broken for six months. proof according to congressman turner that the energy department cannot handle this job. but never want to find yourself on the wrong end of this. fox reports live on how s.w.a.t. teams train and compete. that's next.
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>> shepard: here is one for you. police say a mentally ill man held a businessman hostage at knife point for nearly six hours today and repeatedly updated his facebook status during the standoff. happened in an office building in pittsburgh. cops say the suspect has military background that he escaped from ae and apparently picked a hostage at random. in one post to his facebook page the suspect wrote that he
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had lost everything. as you will see here he eventually surrendered. hostage not hurt. police will charge the suspect with kidnapping, terroristic threats and assault. among those who responded to the hostage situation the s.w.a.t. team. the same guys who roll in during bomb threats and bank robberies. a lot regular cops writing traffic tickets one day, busting down big doors to the next. today many of them came from across the nation to dallas to face off in a friendly competition. casey stegall is there. besides the competition, also a bit of training involved. >> reporter: honing skills they will take with them from the training ground back into the real world to save lives and help teak down the bad guys. they are doing it out here. live ammunition training drills to hostage release scenarios to officer down simulations.
4:24 pm
more than 200 s.w.a.t. officers here for the weekend-long event. one team traveling from as far away as germany to compete, shelling attacks. >> shepard: we are told that this benefits the smaller departments really the most. >> reporter: places like college station, texas. remember when we reported on the constable shot and killed trying to serve an eviction notice near the texas a&m campus. the suspect then engaged battle thata gun bat that will lasted some 30 minutes. something like this allows the less experienced officers to learn from the big guns literally. >> these guys might do one or two large events a year where in a city the size of dallas or l.a. or houston even we do these once or twice a week. so we are very busy and we have a lot of experience and make a lot more mistakes than everybody else just because of the number of events we do but that allows them to learn from
4:25 pm
our mistakes. >> reporter: this is about a whole lot more than just bragging rights, shep. >> shepard: thanks a lot. u.s. and libyan government supporters stormed the compound of an islamist militia in benghazi. a live report from libya ahead. a new report out suggests a white house connection to the secret service hooker scandal in colombia. that is coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour as "fox reports" live tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. introducing the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers
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>> shepard: secret service hooker scandal, not the white house. the white house today denied an investigation's finding that a member of the president's team may have been involved. the report comes from the department of homeland securities inspector general and found that a hotel record in colombia suggests a volunteer with the president's advance team had a prostitute up in his room. a summary of the report went to congress today but the white house claims the hotel's record is wrong and a spokesman says no volunteers were involved in the scandal and there was an earlier hotel mixup which falsely implicated one secret service member. he was later cleared. still, asking for more details. the scandal exploded back in the spring when we learned secret service members hired hookers in colombia just before
4:30 pm
the president's visit there. jobs.t 8 agents their jurors. several others were punished. i'm shepard smith. hundreds of proamerican demonstrators in libya surrounded the headquarters of an islamist militia there. it happened in the same city where mill at the presen militr americans including our ambassador. they torched a vehicle inside the militant base. earlier, tens of thousands of libyans marched through the city of benghazi to demand the breakup of powerful libyan militias in the wake of the attack on the u.s. consultate. and these images a stark contrast to the growing number of antiamerican demonstrations across the middle east, asia
4:31 pm
and north of a. a one demonstrator tells the reuters news service that militia men shot at the protesters and actually h hurt several people. greg palkot has the information tonight live in tripoli. >> we have been speaking to our contacts on the ground throughout the day and into the night in it benghazi and what is happening there is in fact a noteworthy, especially when you think about what we have been seeing around the world. thousands of muslim protesters in the american libyan city speaking out for moderation against extremism. saying no to terrorism and no to al-qaeda. >> the latest acts of militants eryngoing people here. some in the streets were jut numbered but apparently there was some violence. we are told that some of the militia bases that the
4:32 pm
protesters overran were empty but the message strong. many want the post ghadaffi government to provide law & order. some of the feelings expressed out on the streets regarding the killed ambassador is what we have been hearing for the past couple of days all summed up in one sign, libya lost a friend. many on the streets of benghazi tonight a little bit of rough justice, too. >> shepard: greg palkot early in saturday morning in tripoli. as you may remember, u.s. officials first said it was a spontaneous reaction to protests. here is the secretary of state today. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack and we will not rest until we have tracked down and brought to justice the terrorists who murdered four americans. >> shepard: yesterday the white house also used the word
4:33 pm
terrorist attack for the first time. ed henry is live at the white house tonight. ed, are critics still questioning the administration version of events or does this do it? >> they are still questioning it. now, they are saying it was in fact a terror attack but for days top officials here in the state department, around town in the administration had insisted it was too early to tell whether it was a terror attack. the president is obviously fully aware that his credibility is being questioned here. even a at a campaign event he made clear he is fighting right now to protect american lives all around the world. take a list. >> as we saw last week, we still face serious threats in the world. we have to make sure that not only our military but also our diplomats overseas are protected. we have got to go after anybody who harms americans overseas. >> reporter: top officials here fully aware the questions are white hot for the president
4:34 pm
right now just a few weeks before the election now that he has had a terror attack on his watch based on the administration's own estimatation here they realize that they have got to get ahead of this quickly. >> shepard: and given all that republicans finding an opening to criticize the president's policys. >> they are. when you talk to top officials here they insist that any change in their account, their story about what happened on the ground in libya is not because they were trying to mislead the american public. they say look, facts have been changing. new facts emerging because this is an ongoing investigation but as you noted, top republicans like buck mckeon are just not buying it. take a list. >> you hate to think that the president would purposely mislead the american people but it sure looks like it to me. >> reporter: but there are other republicans not necessarily jumping on. republican senator rand paul introduced an amendment the senate is going to vote on shortly to potentially cut off all u.s. aid to libya because of this incident.
4:35 pm
republican senator john mccain put out a few moments ago a blistering statement saying this is a bad idea for the u.s. to disengage from libya. it is clear that while some republicans are attacking the white house there is disputes among republicans about how to move forward here. >> shepard: ed henry live on the north lawn tonight. thank you. a huge construction crane impails the side of a school bus during a crash, trapping the bus driver in the wreckage. that tops our news across america. oregon. emergency responders say the crane was on the back of a flat bed truck at time of the crash and took 20 minutes to get the driver out safely. no kids inside. he just dropped them off at school. the driver went to the hospital complaining of neck and shoulder pain. south carolina. police in the western corner of the state looking for two men they say held up a woman at knifepoint as she held a yard sale. neighbors say the pair scoped out the place first.
4:36 pm
>> she kept telling them there was nothing for sale in the shed. finally they left. >> then they came back after other folks left. >> they said i want your money. >> police say the suspects took off in a mini van. >> texas. this high school senior beat out hundreds of other students to win a ft. worth sketching competition. he says a fire burned up his original drawing along with the rest of his family's apartment just two days before the contest deadline. >> we left our system on but i don't know if that was the cause of the fire. >> the student redrew the whole thing and submitted it it barely in time. >> i didn't even get to see it and it was gone. >> the winning sketch will hang onboard the navy combat ship the uss ft. worth and that is the fox watch across america. well, the space program was still young when president john f. kennedy challenged our nation to send a man to the moon within a decade. but the united states followed through and now scientists say they hope to use that kind of
4:37 pm
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>> shepard: we can't put a man on the moon. apparently that was the thinking in the early 1960s when president john f. kennedy delivered his early moon speech. he say we do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard. less than 8 years later the unthinkable happened. now, officials hoping to do basically the same thing when it comes to curing cancer. the nation's largest cancer center unveiling moon shots project. a ten year $3 billion battle against the disease that kills
4:41 pm
an estimated half million people every year in the united states alone. as the man in charge of the explains, president kennedy didn't say we are going to study how to get to the moon he said we are going to the moon. trace gallagher has the details from the west coast news hub this afternoon. what kind of cancers are we talking about here? >> mainly the ones they believe they can cure. lung cancer and ovarian, breast cancer, melanoma. the key is screening and attacking. lung cancer is the world's number one killer but that is because they always catch it late. if they came up with an effective tool to screen lung cancer early the survivor rates would go from what is now 10% up to 90%. think of this. a few years ago, mapping patient's dna or a patient's tumor would take too much money and way too long. now, it is relatively quick and costs just a few hundred bucks. listen. >> we have a confluence of game
4:42 pm
changing technological advances, a proof of concept that knowledge can be converted into drugs that increases the survival of patients with cancers, advances in diagnostic procedures that allow us to detect cancers much earlier and we also have at m.d. anderson a critical mass that allows us to exploit these technologies. >> by critical mass he means that m.d. ande anderson treats 117,000 patients each year and with each patient get a little closer to a cure. >> shepard: they just raised the bar, didn't they? >> they did and expectations are high. you have is to understand to treat cancer or cure cancer takes a lot of money and to get money you need to make h headlines which is why they are are being so bold. keep in mind no one is saying that cancer won't be a killer ten years from now but they are saying that the path to a cure has never been clearer and the hope is that dying from cancer will become as rare as dying
4:43 pm
from pneumonia is now and doctors say if anybody can cure it, it is m.d. anderson. listen. >> m.d. anderson doesn't have the secret miracle cure to cancer but what they do have is a lot of great researchers like other great universities have that are marching along like soldiers on the path to new treatments and new cures. >> reporter: by the way, the $3 billion in funding will come from donations and grants and hopefully marketing new cancer drugs. >> trace, thanks a lot. no doubt you heard about the new big sugary drinks ban coming to new york city, right? well, supporters of that just got some numbers to back them up. researchers just released the findings of a decades long study that shows that for most of us, drinking sugary beverages affect the genes that control our weight upping the risk of obesity. and other studies show that giving children and teens calorie free alternatives can
4:44 pm
reduce weight gain. also, if you don't mind sugar free drinks you you may be in luck. research shows those beverages do not increase your obesity risk. wonder what they do increase? anyway, the new england journal of medicine published all of the results online. new york city's new restrictions on large sugary drinks set to take effect early next year. folks around the world lined up to buy the new iphone today. crowds gathered as they always do for the launches. australia, hong kong, germany. cities all over the united states as well. apple has touted the iphone 5 as thinner and lighter than the predecessor. it is all of that. it no longer comes with the standard google map application that is awesome. instead apple in is certed its own sophomore which it not. it does not include street view photos or directions for mass
4:45 pm
transit and had some difficulty finding things as well. for instance, this morning apple maps couldn't seem to locate new york is city. no result ares found. the 3d feature creates some strange stuff on the screen but the company's loyal customers, many of them, seem to be willing to overlook the flaws. >> i have the iphone 4. it's an upgrade. i'm looking forward to having a phone with new technology. 201. you just want to it keep up with everything and have the newest of everything and have a phone to make it call with. >> and ample investors excited about the launch. in recent days they have driven shares of the company to new record highs. in contrast to excitement over the iphone, frustration among blackberry users. folks on two different continents had trouble getting any service at all on the things. it affected europe and africa.
4:46 pm
hello, apple. a similar problem last year left people without service for up to three days. the company that makes the phone, well, the difficult company has apologized for the latest outage but didn't specify what caused it it. took 8 years but a new deal will finally bring the national football league and nfl network to time-warner cable's 12 million subscribers. thank you. the league and the company announce the the deal just a few hours ago. time-warner is the country's second largest cable provider and the last to make a deal with the nfl which started its own network way back in 2004. time-warner is also reportedly taking on the red zone channel which airs live bites during sunday games. is mass excitement in it this city. well, it appears that nasa's space shuttle has flown for the last time. we saw it today. the space shuttle "endeavour" got a hollywood ending. next, incredible images for thl
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>> shepard: space shuttle "endeavour" took to the skies one last time for the final leg of its cross country journey and the last scheduled flight for a u.s. is space shuttle ever. "endeavour" took off from edwards air force base in southern california this morning hitched a ride on the 747 flew north to sacramento and then west to san francisco. look at this. a fly by over the golden gate bridge. and back to los angeles. is "endeavour" soaring over the hollywood sign. on studio b the former astronaut and current fox news contributor tom jones commented on the huge crowds that turned out to catch a glimpse. >> it is great to see its
4:51 pm
career being highlighted here and i think the outpouring of sentiment and people coming out to see "endeavour" shows the depth of interest in space exploration. people are quietly yearning for something to take its place. >> tom jones flew on "endeavour" not once but twice. associated press reports shipping and handling costs for the final tour could total some $28 million. the new owner is said to foot the bill. adam housely in los angeles. went off without a hitch. >> reporter: spoked up patriotism as well. back in 1991 left, california, to replace challenger. as so many people alluded to today, come back home, flying all around california. the pictures that came to us not only on the video feed but across twitter and facebook were stunning as it flew up through the heart of california and cut over to the bay area. so much of the space pro-am was developed here in california in
4:52 pm
the bay area and in southern, california. flew over the golden gate bridge, down the coast past the vandenberg air force base. flew past jpl and disneyland and landed at lax 12:45 local time. it was quite a tour. thousands more came out than any one expected. >> and a lot of past crew members were there, weren't they? what did they have to say? >> we talked to former astronauts that had flown on "endeavour" including two on the last mission and it as sad time. at the same time they say that private industry they believe is going to step it up but they do say there were some tender moments really as it came in to land. take a listen. >> it was -- gave me goose bumps. chicken skin. i was just so -- it is so amazing to see "endeavour" come home place of her birth where she was born and to come home to such a fantastic and warm welcome. she is at home where she is
4:53 pm
supposed to be. >> there were thousands upon thousands lined around the airport. if everything goes as planned next friday night at midnight it will start a low process to move 12 miles through inglewood and to usc where it will be housed. >> ed housed. five people killed where a car bomb tore through a crowded marketplace and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. police in a southern province say a blast killed four civilians and one soldier and seriously hurt dozens of other people. the explosion set off you a fire in the street that caused more damage. no word of any claim of responsibility but officials reportedly suspect islamic militants. some 5,000 people died during an 8 year muslim insurgency in the south. china. the navy ran huge military exercises in parts of the east china sea testing sea, air and
4:54 pm
land vehicles. the drills come in the midst of a territorial dispute with japan over several small islands in the area. colombia. hundreds of people gathered in a remote village for a running of the bulls. officials say they may regulate these events because too many folks in the ring are drunk and too many get hurt. egypt. officials opened an ancient tomb to the public after a decade of restoration. experts say it was a burial place for sacred bulls and they say the walls tell a lot about the ancient dynasties. >> it is magnificent because it has the life scenes from the fifth dynasty. a french archaeologist first discovered the tomb way back in 1850. that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
4:55 pm
>> shepard: the empire state building lit up red and white tonight. no hat and glasses. that would be impractical but a shoutout to a guy named waldo who for someone should not be difficult to find even if maybe you are using the new apple map. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ >> shepard: more viewers watched the vice president joe biden than any other speaker at either party's political convention. that is the word from the folks at nielsen. the tv ratings company added up viewership numbers from every station that carried the convention. the data shows more than 43 million of us tuned in to hear what vice president biden had to say. that is almost 15% of all americans who own a television. you can see president obama and the republican candidate mitt romney were next. clint eastwood came in sixth. >> updating some of our top stories tonight. antiamerican protests turn
4:59 pm
deadly in pakistan, reportedly killing more than 20 people. libyans torching the head quarters of an islamic militant group in a backlash against the attacks that killed america's ambassador there. sources tell iting fox news that the assault involving 100 attackers who stormed the u.s. embassy in two ways. and on this day in 1987, people started looking for a man sporting red and white stripes, a hat and glasses. you may know him as waldo. he goes by wally in great britain. that is where a cartoonist created the elusive character and sometimes it would take the artist up to 8 weeks to draw a two-page sketch of waldo and the many characters that is surround him. fans have snapped up more than 58 million where's waldo books today. 58 million. and waldo gatherings sparked several world record attempts. tonight the is signature red and white lights shining on
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